RFID Neptun seal


RFID Neptun seal

Each RFID seal has an integrated tag with its own unique serial number or TID (Tag Identifier) carried on its chip.

The TID in the chip’s memory is a unique code which cannot be changed and it is required for identifying and protecting the seal against being copied.

RFID seals can hold information on the USER MEMORY, read and write data, cancel data, protect data with a password, and also protect the reading and writing etc. An RFID seal can store Information which can either be stored and protected or rather modified depending on the requirements.

The evolution of the NEPTUNESEAL RFID is the RFID ANTITAMPER.

RFID Neptun seal

The standard RFID seals has now progressed to the latest the RFID Antitamper seal.

Besides The RFID Anti tamper seal having the features of the Logistics RFID seal it is also capable of recording in its memory any event of tampering by activating a BIT with the status TAG TAMPER ALARM.

NEPTUNESEAL RFID ANTITAMPER, can help inspection operators manage RFID gateways quickly and efficiently.

The key pieces of information that the seal can provide are:

  • the serial number
  • date and time that it has be read
  • the number of readings that have been taken
  • the sequence of readings in the event that there are two RFID seals on
    the same container
  • the status of the seal (TAMPERED / UNTAMPERED)

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