RFID Anchor seal

ANCHORSEAL economic selflocking plastic seal

RFID Anchorseal

An extremely functional and economic seal. Selflocking plastic seal. After inserting the sealing wire in the holes it gets blocked by the ancor formed locking mechanism.

The transparent plastic permits the integrity control of the locking mechanism.

Usable with each kind of sealing wire:

  1. galvanized sealing wire
  2. copper sealing wire
  3. brass sealing wire
  4. stainless steel wire
  5. nylon – copper
RFID Anchor seal

Material: polypropilen co-polymer

Customizing: up to 6 characters

Numbering: up to 7 digits

Packaging: Carton with 5.000 seals in bags with 100 pcs. Each.

Carton weight: 10 kg

Each carton outside shows:

  • seal’s color
  • initial and end numbering
  • customizing

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