RFID Mentor seal

MENTORSEAL Active Electronic Bolt seal for Containers

RFID Mentor seal

LEGHORN GROUP proudly presents the first electronic single-use seal for containers.

LEGHORN GROUP has always been focused on innovation, whilst carefully developing products not only highly capable of resolving problems of tampering and pilferage along the supply chain, yet at the same time extremely easy to use.

MENTORSEAL has the same mechanical parts as the bolt seal NEPTUNESEAL ISO 17712:2013 and it has been integrated with all the technical features of an active transponder.

It successfully combines its main purpose of container security with the ability of traceability, whilst the container is in movement.

MENTORSEAL can be read using reader gateways or by using hand held readers.
It has a unique identification code.

It can be read at a distance of at least 15m.

RFID Mentor seal

MENTORSEAL is an economically priced single use seal.

The main innovative features of the are MENTORSEAL are:

  • record on the memory of the timestamp the moment the seal is born
  • record on the memory of the timestamp the closure of the seal
  • record on the memory of the timestamp the opening or tampering of the seal
  • uniqueness of the match between the head of the seal the pin and the outer.


Data received on the MENTORSEAL when read by the handheld reader have to be downloaded onto the server, rather with a gateway reader they go directly to the PC.


MENTORSEAL can store on its internal memory 15 Log and ID container.
This means the logistic movement of the container can be traced using the information received.


As MENTORSEAL can be read at a distance of at least 15 m, there is no need for “contact reading » The seal can be read whilst the vehicle is in transit, thus speeding up all inspections.

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