RFID Janusgate


RFID Janusgate

“THE JANUS-GATE: UHF PASSIVE RFID GATE SYSTEM” is an «all-in-one» RFID UHF – ISO 18000-6 (EPC Global) system designed specifically to monitor and manage the movement of containers that pass through it.

It is able to monitor in a reliable and secure way the RFID Seals applied to the containers and can, even identify the individual lanes.

“THE JANUS-GATE: RFID PASSIVE GATE SYSTEM UHF” is made up of a reader and two antenna that are capable of reading the RFIDseals regardless of their position or conditions.

RFID Janusgate
  1. RFID SEALS applied on the upper handles of the container
  2. RFID SEALS applied on the lower handles of the container
  3. RFID SEALS applied on the left or right hand side of the container
  4. RFID SEALS applied to containers positioned with the doors towards the lorry’s cab
  5. RFID SEALS applied with the doors facing the opposite end of the lorry’s cab“THE JANUS-GATE: RFID GATE PASSIVE SYSTEM UHF”

Is an RFID UHF – ISO 18000-6 (EPC Global) able to read all types of RFID seals (from any manufacturer).

The gate is managed by the EPR FAST LANE STATION system.

For every lane the “JANUS-GATE: RFID GATE PASSIVE SYSTEM UHF” can read up to 2 RFID SEALS on the container that passes through it The system can also read up to 4 RFID-SEALS with the aid of a special optional firmware.

The average reading distances are: 6 m / 8 m

Additional Optional Kits:

  • Kit TEMP: kit designed for operating at – 40 ° C a + 75 ° C
  • Kit LED Alert: for local alerts using high intensity LED and a loud buzzer.
RFID Janusgate

Main technical features


  1. Advanced Detection Algorithm , for the accurate and efficient reading of the seals that pass through the gate
  2. Lane Detection Firmware for identifying and reading of seals in adjacent lanes
  3. Auto setting capability, for improving the readings regardless of the environmental conditions
  4. Fast Mounting, for easy servicing set up and installation
  5. Fault Tolerance Management System, for 24 hour continuity and service operations (optional)

“THE JANUS-GATE: RFID GATE PASSIVE SYSTEM UHF” furthermore the system is able to support special configurations such as reading two RFID seals applied on two containers traveling on the same trailer. (in this situation the two containers should be positioned with the two doors opposite each other with a distance between them of at least 1m.)

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