RFID Cable security seal

CABLESEAL – Rfid seal for tampering prevention

RFID Cable security seal

Leghorn’s CABLE SEAL RFID is a sturdy container cableseal that combines the necessary high security required by ISO17712:2013 with the electronic security offered by RFID, automatic radio frequency identification.

RFID CABLESEAL is available in two versions:

  • RFID CABLESEAL “Logistics” – Identification is automatic and the user is able to read and write on an area of the chip’s memory where the unique ID is stored.
  • RFID CABLESEAL “Anti-tamper” – Automatic identification as well as the capability to
    immediately read status of the seal i.e. Non- Tampered or Tampered.

The outer ABS plastic housing of the seal can be customised on request. It contains an electronic chip, that has its own unique coding that cannot be reproduced. This allows the automatic identification of the security seal when applied to the container.

RFID CABLESEAL be read quickly and accurately by static gateway reading systems or by handheld devices assigned to check point personnel speeding up operations and significantly improving the risk of human error.

The key pieces of information that the seal can provide are:

  • the serial number
  • date and time that it has be read
  • the number of readings that have been taken
  • the sequence of readings in the event that there are two RFID seals on the same container
  • the status of the seal (TAMPERED / NOT TAMPERED)

RFID CABLESEAL are available with cables of different lengths, and suited to difficult applications such as tanker valves, trailers and railway wagons.

RFID CABLESEAL is an ideal solution for guaranteeing cargo security and tamper evidence along the shipping and supply chain.